Pivot Expo Is Just A Week Away!
It was in July that I first thought about incorporating a PIVOT Expo as part of PBX, since so many people have been forced to pivot in some way at least for the time being just to make ends meet.

With the photo booth industry has seen pivots with virtual photo booths, virtual props, touchless photo booths and other innovations designed to adapt to a new world.

Show Producer, Rob Savickis explains...

In September I decided to make PIVOT Expo its own online expo for people in the event industry, and set a date of the 30th November to 2nd December 2020 with 3-5 hours each day. It is designed to be a think tank and mass brainstorming session to both inspire people and provide ideas on how to survive while we wait for the event industry to return to what it was.

The website for Pivot Expo is www.pivotexpos.com and it is a work in progress. It is also what I consider a pilot for a series of online expos that will join our real expos once those come back. I am hoping everything will go smooth and am working toward that end as much as possible but what I am really hoping is that this will not just be your average average ordinary online expo but much more interactive with everyone not just listening but engaging and taking part.

We are planning for about 5 hours each day – Here is the tentative schedule (subject to change since a)this is a work in progress b)we want to make it interactive and not set in stone). The times listed are EST - for Pacific time subtract 3 hours, so for the UK contingent, subtract 5 hours

Monday 30th November:
1pm EST (6pm GMT) - Niki Gandy & Kim Barlowe
2pm EST (7pm GMT) - Seye Osimore
3pm EST (8pm GMT) - Judd Lillestrand
4pm EST (9pm GMT) - Jindo
5pm EST (10pm GMT) - Jindo game

Tuesday 1st December:
1pm EST (6pm GMT) - Andy Starr
2pm EST (7pm GMT) - Wally Carnes
3pm EST (8pm GMT) - Patrick Rife
4pm EST (9pm GMT) - Countries Panel with Steven Honeyball, Dennis Marentette, Danny Brewer and Chuck Eckert
5pm EST (10pm GMT) - Ryan Burger

Wednesday 2nd December:
1pm EST (6pm GMT) - Jordan St. Jacques
2pm EST (7pm GMT) - Bill Vahrenkamp
3pm EST (8pm GMT) - Panel with Dr. Drax - KC Kokuruz
4pm EST (9pm GMT) - Alex Reyes
5pm EST (10pm GMT) - Josh Pather

To get your passes go to www.pivotexpos.com


Published: 23 November 2020