RCF ART 9 Series Makes a Giant Leap Forward in Audio Technology
ART 9 sets a new standard in professional audio with its innovative electroacoustic design and extreme versatility, delivering stellar performance in a rugged, tour-ready cabinet. ART 9 is a reliable audio solution that can be used as the main sound system, fill speaker, or stage monitor.
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Introducing the latest in the Grandmaster Warm Up series, created to deliver the perfect scene-setting vibe for any event.
Grandmaster Warm Up 9: Lounge & Bar Grooves features 30 of the coolest tunes in a continuous mix that gradually increases in tempo from a steady 103 to 126 BPM, meaning it works equally well as atmospheric background music, or as a build up to your main set.
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Razor sharp and whip-fast: CHAUVET DJ introduces the Intimidator Scan 360
Razor sharp and whip-fast beams to dazzle dance floors are at hand with Intimidator Scan 360, a feature-packed scanner fitted with a 100 W LED designed for mobile performances.
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CAD Audio introduce new microphone kits and accessories specifically designed for home recording, podcasts, broadcast and studio recording.
With over 90 years of innovation and success in the audio industry CAD microphones can be found in restaurants, airports, churches, schools, corporate boardrooms, professional studios & live stage events around the world. CAD Audio are also leaders within USB microphones and accessories specifically designed for studio recording, podcasts & broadcasts.
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Introducing the Kinsman KPA500, 240watt Compact Tower PA system
Kinsman have eradicated all the problems associated with rigging small PA systems with the KPA500 Compact Tower PA System. With its robust, slim, attractive lightweight design and easy set up, you are minutes away from one trip from the car to playing live.
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