The May/Jun 2022 edition of Pro Mobile is packed with the usual mix of articles, news, views and reviews all linked to the wonderful world of mobile DJing.

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You'll also find details of the Pro Mobile Conference 2023, this year was amazing and the is only 29 places left.

Pete Holding, Pro Mobile Editor

PROFILE: Alastair Craig | Nightlights
My parents were a little frustrated with me as a child as I couldn’t maintain interest in any hobby for more than five minutes. But in 1982 all that changed. I was only 12 years old when two events happened that would go on to influence my whole career. The first was the Falklands conflict; I watched the news coverage intensely, particularly any items about the Royal Navy and especially the Sea King helicopter. The second important event was that Christmas, when my parents gifted me a simple but effective
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PRO MOBILE CONFERENCE 2022 | Good things come to those that wait...
They say good things come to those who wait. And oh, how we’d waited! Finally, after two long years, the Pro Mobile Conference returned bigger than ever, bringing together top-class keynote talks, boundless networking opportunities and a glitzy Gala Dinner to ensure the mobile DJ industry’s landmark annual event did not disappoint. It’s certainly good to be back.

Here’s a snapshot of what went down across the two action-packed days.
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If there’s one thing we really like in this country, it’s a street party. They’ve historically been held to commemorate major national events like VE Day or royal occasions including weddings and Jubilees. It’s an excuse to decamp the contents of everyone’s dining room to the middle of the road and have a right good knees up.
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"We're not gonna take it"
Over a month into the war in Ukraine, the bombs continue to drop. On theatres, hospitals, schools, and apartment blocks. Like many of you, I find it difficult to understand how humans can do this to each other. Faced with the insanity of it all – and from my privileged position of safety here in the UK – I turn to music to try and help me comprehend.
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3 Essential Elements for creating a Predictable, Profitable and Sustainable Business
Have you ever felt that your business lacks momentum? Do you feel overwhelmed or even underpaid? This could be because your business goes through a cycle of unpredictable, then unprofitable, then unsustainable.

For example, if like many, you work mostly on weddings, you probably endure this same rollercoaster of uncertainty every year. No wonder you’re exhausted. No wonder you feel like you're not getting anywhere!
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Understanding Social Media Content
In the last issue of Pro Mobile, we went back to basics by doing a quick health check on your Facebook Business Page to make sure it’s up to date and working as a showcase for your business.Now I’d like to focus on the two main social
media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, and strip things right back to explain the different types of content you can create on both platforms.
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Getting Finance Savvy
It was great to meet so many of you at Pro Mobile Conference. Many of you were interested in finding out more about your finances, but unfortunately this is unusual for many small businesses.
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The Vegas Files...
Education, education and education. These were the three priorities for a prime minister in waiting in 1996. I’m very fortunate that my parents and grandma always pushed all of us kids to seek out education and development throughout our careers. So, if there’s an opportunity to learn, I’m probably going to take it.
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Pro Mobile Awards 2022 - The Results
The fifth annual Pro Mobile Awards were presented by industry legend Stephanie Hirst as part of the 2022 Pro Mobile Conference, which saw a return to our 'live' format following two years of broadcasted awards due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our annual awards recognise the manufacturers, retailers and personalities that have really stood out in the mobile DJ world.
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Mastermix DJ presents... THE DJ PLAYLIST: Afrobeats
Afrobeats is a music genre that originated in West Africa and was first heard in the UK during the 2000s before gaining further popularity in the 2010s.
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