The Jan/Feb 2022 edition of Pro Mobile is packed with the usual mix of articles, news, views and reviews all linked to the wonderful world of mobile DJing.

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Pete Holding, Pro Mobile Editor

PROFILE: Andi Crampton
I’ve had an interest in music and records from a very early age. I remember a favourite toy at all of three years old: my Fisher-Price wind-up record player! It played plastic discs with big hits such as ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ and ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’. My curiosity then progressed quickly to my parents’ record player, after getting my hands on Mom and Dad’s Motown and Northern Soul records.
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Coming to America
As the founder and president of the United States Disc Jockey Association, as well as a regular attendee and exhibitor at some of America’s top conferences and expos, Pro Mobile has asked me to share a few reasons to come to America this year.
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HOW HIGH? The Story of the Castrati
From Michael Jackson to Britney Spears, music’s brightest stars have often suffered as well as succeeded by their parents’ hands – as the young countertenor singers of 16th century Italy knew all too well. Late in 2021, people across the globe watched as one of the western world’s biggest pop stars, Britney Spears, was finally freed from the grasp of the legal agreement that had controlled just about every detail of her life for the last 14 years.
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Enter... The Studio!
I’m often asked at Mastermix HQ about the production techniques we use to create our mixed content. This includes remixes, mash ups and mixes – the latter being the shorter mixes that feature on our monthly issue – plus the longer mixes like Grandmasters and Sessions.
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DJ to Wedding Host
I’m passionate about weddings. In my role as DJ, master of ceremonies and wedding party host, I’ve attended hundreds of weddings both large and small. A wedding is a unique family celebration; the wedding ceremony and reception reflect what lies ahead for the couple.
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Making Tax Digital
Making Tax Digital (MTD) for Income Tax Self-Assessment is set to come into effect from 6 April 2024. MTD came into effect for all VAT registered businesses trading over the VAT registration threshold of £85,000, from April 2019. It was introduced in an effort to ‘close the tax gap’. The tax gap being the £8.5 billion annual tax deficit that the government believes exists between tax that should be paid and tax that is actually collected on time.
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DIALOGUE WITH... Aaron Traylor & Dominic Pirone
Chances are that as a UK-based DJ, you haven’t heard of Aaron Traylor or Dominic Pirone. But all that will be changing soon. The pair are huge figures behind the DJ scene in the United States as founders of Crate Hackers, the rapidly growing DJ service.
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Take A Look In The Mirror
Are you brave enough to examine your own behaviour? An ancient Greek aphorism is to "know thyself". Throughout history, there are examples of famous people keeping diaries and journals to record their thoughts.
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Digital Marketing Forecast 2022
Following a game-changing year for the world of marketing, Greg Cartwright compiles 10 top digital marketing trends for 2022 – based on predictions from the world’s biggest digital geeks!
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5 Steps to rock fuel your business and life for 2022
Christmas and New Year was most likely a blur for you – it always is for me. And now we face ‘Grey January’, a month which for me is at best, quiet, at worst, empty! It’s tempting to sit back, relax and look forward to the coming Spring and the resulting busier diaries. But this is the ideal time to reflect on where you are and, vitally, where you are going.
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The DJ Playlist: Big Band Fusion
The term ‘big band’ is synonymous with the 1930s and 40s, when jazz and swing were the on-trend musical styles of the day! Artists including Glenn Miller, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman were among those who formed hugely successful orchestras and recorded classics such as ‘In the Mood’, ‘Take The “A” Train’ and ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’.
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