Pioneer Rekordbox DJ: What Is It and What Does It Do?
Launched at the beginning of this month, Pioneer’s rekordbox dj has already made a significant impact on the industry, providing users with a more-flexible solution for managing music and preparing sets. But what exactly is rekordbox dj and what does it mean for mobile DJs?

What is rekordbox dj?

The original Pioneer rekordbox software, which remains free to download, was designed for use with Pioneer CDJ players and allows users to manage, prepare and analyse music files from an ‘iTunes-style’ library. In rekordbox, mobile DJs can not only manage their library, but also check the compatibility of two tracks without exporting them; preview the waveform of tracks directly from the playlist; match tracks based on key, BPM and genre; and create and edit tags for each track – all important features for creating a party-pleasing set.

Intended to rival the likes of Serato, VirtualDJ and Traktor, rekordbox dj is a paid-for upgrade that offers further flexibility when it comes to the music library and unlocks a range of new performance tools, while holding onto the best-loved features of the preexisting rekordbox software.

What does rekordbox dj do?

Well, rekordbox dj essentially offers mobile DJs more freedom: whether using CDJs, XDJs or a controller, they have access to a single music library, with the software’s GUI mirroring the layout of Pioneer controllers to ensure intuitive control over its features.

These features include a variety of performance tools, such as hot cues, sampler, slicer, sound colour FX and beat FX, as well as beat jump and the industry’s first pad FX. Unlocking these rekordbox dj performance features allows DJs to prepare their entire set in the software, adding cues, loops and tags as they go. So, mobile DJs can create a set that's tailored to the request of their client, while ensuring that tracks can be tagged and arranged in a way that suits the DJ best.

When it comes to gig time, users can simply plug their laptop into a Pioneer controller and start, without the need to transfer the library between software, ensuring a fast setup time.

Further enhancements are expected soon, including DVS control. Additional updates will also be available, including video support and extra FX, with Pioneer promising smooth integration with their existing product range.

How can mobile DJs get rekordbox dj?

The latest version of rekordbox (4.0) is currently available for free download. The rekordbox dj update can be downloaded from within the software (initially for a 30-day free trial) or purchased as a ‘Plus Pack’ from the Pioneer website. From this December, DJs will also be able to subscribe to rekordbox dj for a monthly fee.

The rekordbox dj software will also be bundled with the upcoming Pioneer DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RX controllers.

Published: 09 October 2015