Pro Mobile Goes In Search of Top 10 Fifties Floor-fillers!
Many consider the 1950s to be the decade that shaped pop music as we know it. But it’s also an era that’s overlooked, especially when it comes to modern listeners and young mobile DJs. In honour of this boundary pushing decade, we want to find out the Top 10 Fifties Floor-fillers, as voted for by you – the mobile DJs!

As the music industry began catering for the Western world’s rebellious and newly liberated teenagers, the 1950s saw rock ‘n’ roll storm the charts, producing a host of floor-filling hits. However, while the genre pioneered by Chuck Berry certainly delivered its share of danceable, back-beat fuelled material and ushered in a new age of pop, the big hits of the 1950s can be taken from a range of styles. From rockabilly to early soul to bebop – the hits came thick and fast from an array of artists including Elvis Presley, Miles Davis, Sam Cooke, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Frank Sinatra and Jerry Lee Lewis.

So, we think you’ll find there’s plenty to choose from as we search for the Top 10 Fifties Floor-fillers!

You can cast your vote by completing the form here, where you can choose your top three tracks from the 1950s. We’ll publish the official Pro Mobile Top 10 online and in the next issue of the magazine…

Published: 03 February 2016