Alto Introduces BAT Bluetooth Receiver for Wireless Audio
Alto Professional, manufacturer of live performance sound reinforcement products, has introduced its new BAT audio signal sender. A rechargeable XLR-equipped Bluetooth receiver, the BAT allows mobile DJs to convert their powered loudspeakers into Bluetooth-ready units, so they can stream audio from wirelessly from their laptop or handheld devices.

The new BAT from Alto is an XLR Bluetooth receiver that lets users stream their audio wirelessly to devices without built-in Bluetooth capabilities, including speakers and mixers, saving DJs the hassle of laying restrictive cables that can also be a safety hazard at their events. For mobile jocks, this means being able to send an audio signal to a powered speaker in an area of the venue where running cables could be awkward, unsafe or aesthetically unappealing.

Recognising the demand from DJs for an increasingly wireless setup, Alto has also ensured that the BAT is fitted with a rechargeable battery, making it completely wireless itself. Furthermore, two receivers can be linked via Bluetooth to enable wireless stereo playback.

“Alto Professional continues its tradition of introducing high-performance products that solve specific problems and make the professional’s job easier,” said Dustin Plumb, Product Manager for Alto Professional. “The BAT is a perfect example. This is the ideal solution for adding wireless reception capability to professional audio set-ups, and getting rid of cumbersome, hard-wired signal cabling for good.”

As well as offering modern features, the BAT is conveniently pocket-sized and lightweight (0.4kg), designed to offer DJs a compact, non-intrusive solution to their wireless needs. The BAT connects to the user’s mixer, loudspeaker or other device via an XLR connector, enabling the connected unit to receive Bluetooth signals via the BAT, without losing audio quality. Mobile DJs will also find the connection easy to set up, as a two-step/two-button arrangement makes it easy to pair the devices and enable wireless reception.

A USB power adaptor is also included with BAT, allowing users to charge the unit’s internal rechargeable battery.

The Alto Professional BAT will be available this spring at an SSP of: £34.99.

Published: 05 February 2016