Reloop’s New Controller Station Allows You To Put Your Laptop and Controller Right Where You Want Them
DJ equipment brand Reloop’s latest piece of equipment isn’t a fancy new controller or feature-packed mixer, but an affordable and functional accessory that may be of interest to any mobile DJ who plays out using a laptop and MIDI controller combination.

The new Controller Station is a portable stand designed to raise up and angle both a DJ’s laptop and their MIDI controller. It can be used to position the controller and laptop combo above other equipment (such as a mixer-and-twin-CDJ-style setup) or simply to place the controller and laptop at a convenient height and angle.

Offering adjustable width and height, the Controller Station can be used with any size of laptop and any controller up to a maximum depth of 36cm. Using the eight supplied adapter pieces it is possible to extend the width up to 44cm. Constructed from aluminum and weighing just 2.8kg, the Controller Station is robust yet lightweight and easy to transport.

The Reloop Controller Station will be available next month (June 2016) and, with a retail price of around £40, is an affordable product that may prove very useful for many DJs.

Published: 11 May 2016