Small But Mighty: Introducing Numark’s New Pocket-sized DJ Controller
Numark has today announced the release of its new DJ2GO2 pocket-sized - but fully-featured - DJ controller. An upgrade to the original DJ2GO, the new model boasts a built-in soundcard, a full set of mixing and playback controls, two audio outputs and Serato DJ Intro, making the DJ2GO2 the smallest fully-equipped DJ controller around.

The compact unit will easily fit in a laptop bag for storage and stand on top of a laptop when in operation without taking up any unnecessary space. It’s perfect for small or impromptu performances, prepping for gigs, and as a backup controller.

The DJ2GO2 features a built-in soundcard with master gain, separate headphone output for cueing and channel gain knobs. It has two channels with a crossfader, pitch faders for easy blending, and jog wheels for cueing and searching through tracks. It also sports four pads for each channel, which provide access to performance features typically only found on larger controllers.

The diminutive unit also features a rotary control and two channel load buttons to allow the searching and selecting of music to be carried out directly from the controller. Although it comes bundled with Serato DJ Intro, this can be easily upgraded to the full version of Serato DJ and the unit’s standard MIDI mapping also allows use with other popular DJ software.

“Our DJ2GO2 is pure DJ fun in an amazingly convenient, grab-and-go size,” said Chris Roman, Senior Product Manager for Numark. “You can do almost everything you can do on a full-size controller and even first-time DJs will want to get in on the action! Whether it’s the aspiring DJ looking to get started or the seasoned pro who wants a space-saving backup, DJ2GO2 is the perfect answer.”

The DJ2GO2 is available now from Numark retailers worldwide.

Published: 15 August 2017