CHAUVET DJ Debuts Next Generation Geyser
With the original Geyser, CHAUVET DJ reinvented the fog machine into an LED-infused pyrotechnic-like effect that can shoot blasts of fog up into the air or down onto the dancefloor. Now, with the new Geyser P7, the CHAUVET DJ team have innovated again. This new Geyser features two separate banks of RGBA+UV LEDs, which can be independently controlled in order to create striking two-tone coloured fog effects.

The fixture features seven 9-watt penta-colour (RGBA+UV) LEDs which are arranged in two independently-controlled zones. The first features four LEDs arranged around the fog output nozzle, while the remaining three LEDs are arranged in a line set further back to make up the second zone. This means that two-colour effects can be created with the first zone of LEDs illuminating the bottom of the fog burst and the second zone hitting as it expands further out from the machine.

With a capacity of 2.5L and a fluid consumption rate of 90ml/min, the Geyser P7 can run continuously for almost half an hour from a single tank of fluid. It also offers an impressive output of 17,000 cubic feet per minute as well as a quick warm up time of 4 minutes.

The compact unit measures 400 x 362 x 210mm and weighs in at 8.5kg. It is fitted with both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX input and output sockets and is also supplied with a wireless remote control and receiver. This remote can easily be configured so that each of its four push buttons triggers a different colour or effect.

The CHAUVET DJ Geyser P7 is available now with a MSRP of £399. Look out for an in-depth review of this innovative new product in the January/February 2018 edition of Pro Mobile magazine.

Published: 08 December 2017