Alto Professional Introduces Two New Speaker Ranges
Alto Professional has expanded its product line-up with the release of two new series of powered loudspeakers that are ideal for use by mobile DJs. The top of the range Truesonic TS3 range and lower cost new TX2 range encompass a total of eight models, all of which are available now.

Building on the success of Alto Professional’s TS2 Series, the new TS3s boast significantly more powerful amplification, all-new low-frequency and high-frequency drivers, and an updated control panel with clearer control indications and rotary detent positions that make for a faster, more precise setup.There are four models in the new TS3 Series: the TS308, TS310, TS312 and TS315, with 8-, 10-, 12- and 15-inch woofers respectively. The range shares a new 2000-watt peak (1000-watt continuous) amplifier, a significant advance over the 1100-watt peak (550-watt continuous) amplifiers in the TS2.

The four models boast all-new low-frequency drivers, designed to play louder and handle more power than their predecessors in the TS2 Series. They also have a new horn-loaded high-frequency driver, this transducer has a brand-new heat sink design that provides exceptional heat dissipation for impressive power-handling, even at all-night-long dancefloor-filling levels. Because these new drivers can safely handle the additional power, the TS3s take full advantage of the increased wattage and will play at higher SPLs with lower distortion.

“Alto Professional’s TS2 series of powered speakers met with incredible success and became an instant best-seller,” said Pyotr Belov, Product Manager for Alto Professional. “This new TS3 Series builds on that success by improving every single aspect of our TS2’s performance – more power, higher power-handling, louder SPLs with less distortion and easier connection and control. The new TS3’s exemplify what we mean by Expectations. Exceeded.”

Alto Professional is also introducing a new more affordable range, the TX2 Series, which utilises much of the technology from the TS3 Series. There are four models in the range – the 300-watt TX208 and 210, and the 600-watt TX212 and 215. They are all bi-amplified 2-way designs, with a long-excursion woofer and a 1-inch titanium compression driver in a newly-designed precision horn. This new horn design produces a very precise 90˚H X 60˚V radiation pattern, which is ideal for optimal audience coverage.

The TX2 Series features rugged, lightweight, easily-transportable cabinets. Their trapezoidal shape enables either upright or wedge monitor positioning and the full-sized steel grille gives complete driver protection. These speakers are built for continuous heavy-duty use and offer a full complement of inputs/outputs and mounting options, making them ideal for mobile DJ use.

“Alto Professional’s TX2 series of powered speakers are a perfect example of what we mean by Sound like a Pro,” commented Belov. “These new speakers deliver everything the demanding performer is looking for – great sound, outstanding loudness capability and the mounting and hook-up flexibility to cover any scenario.”

Published: 16 May 2018