New ‘Laptop Shelf’ Cases Now Available from Skeletoncase
Skeletoncase (distributed by Lamba) has announced the release of two new models as part of its customisable flightcase range, offering mobile DJs the choice between two adaptable cases that double up as laptop or CDJ shelves for added convenience.

These customisable new flightcases have been designed by Skeletoncase to store and transport mixers, controllers and any other equipment that will fit inside the case. This adaptability is due to the company’s use of double-layer, high-density pick-foam, which users can accurately customise to fit the shape of their gear. With replacement pick-foam also available for each Skeletoncase flightcase, DJs can change the interior design to suit their needs, so they don’t have to buy a new flightcase each time they upgrade their gear.

The dual-purpose cases are based on the larger Skeletoncase design but with the addition of a sliding laptop/CDJ shelf that sits above the main compartment. This means DJs not only have a protective case for their main controller, but also a stand on which to securely position their laptop during performances.

“We are delighted to bring these two new cases to the DJ community,” said Andy Williams, Sales Director for Skeletoncase. “DJs told us they loved our customisable cases but some also wanted somewhere to put their laptops so that they can work with their controllers. We listened to our customers and the end result is available now.”

Mobile DJs can now choose from two new models. The first is the ergonomic Skeletoncase Pro Style Laptop Shelf, which comes in large and XL sizes. The second, for heavy duty use, is the Skeletoncase Full Flight Laptop Shelf, which offers heightened levels of protection and comes in large and XL sizes. The new cases are also equipped with butterfly locks, for secure and reliable locking, and removable front/side panels that ensure easy access for mobile DJs while on the road.

On the Skeletoncase website, users can utilise the ‘Case Finder’ feature to find a case that fits their gear specifically, by selecting from a list of controllers, mixers, CDJs and other hardware.

The Skeletoncase Full Flight and Pro Style Laptop Shelf cases are available now.

Published: 12 May 2015