Highly talked about and wanted update to the Mastermix DJ Toolkit released!
Mastermix are pleased to announce the release of Toolkit Volume 2 featuring 100 individual music clips that have been carefully selected & edited to create a unique collection of vocal, chorus & instrumental stabs, beds & utilities with a multitude of uses including Awards Nights, Sporting Events, Guest Introductions & more.

The collection has been collated into 4 DJ friendly sections – Audio Stabs, Instrumental Beds, Chorus Stabs & Bonus Stabs: Various with each section featuring an eclectic mix of music styles & BPM ranges and listed from shortest to longest clip for maximum DJ usability.

Artists include Madonna, Tones & I, Metallica, Beastie Boys, Elbow, Iggy Pop, DJ Khalid, Queen & Calvin Harris.

We've done the hard work for you! Each song has been professionally engineered to include the most impactive part so all you need to do is select the track and press play!

100 professionally engineered music clips for only £10:00. Available exclusively as MP3 or WAV from www.mastermixdj.com


Published: 16 July 2020