With the industry opening up and bookings coming in, Mastermix DJ really have landed the Summer Sale 2021 at the correct time! You can top up all your music from the last year (excluding the Latest Releases and USBs) for literally half price

Simply add whatever you want to your basket, obviously not including the latest releases or USBs and then input promo code MMSUM21 and you'll find the balance to paid is magically half!

If you're a wedding DJ, then here is Mastermix Influencer Alan Marshall's top 10 to add to your basket:

#1 & 2 - Grandmaster Love 01 and Love 02

A mix of classic love songs works perfectly for background during the drinks reception or wedding breakfast. These mixes just set the right tone and create an emotion all about "Love".
Sadly as I write this blog, I notice this essential pair of mixes from my toolbox is not available in the Mastermix shop. If there is enough interest, I am sure it could reappear and maybe overdue an update soon.

Currently not available on the website

#3 - Grandmaster Warm Up 8: Baleric Beats

This recent mix by Gary Gee Gelder worked perfectly for my couple yesterday, creating a very cool eclectic vibe.

Not included in the Summer Sale

#4 - The Garden Party - Issue 419

A perfect blend for any drinks reception or afternoon outside set, that just as a feel-good factor in its DNA plus frankly, any mix of that includes the awesome Jericho by Simply Red already has my vote.

#5 - Music For Food pt.7 – Chilled Summer Vibes

This chilled mix of rock standards with tracks from artists like Hall and Oats to Kid Rock just worked during the drinks reception with the sun shining this weekend.

#6 - Soul Sessions 1

Excellent for early doors warm-up or during the main set with the right guests. This mix draws on classic soul and funk dance tunes from the early eighties and guarantees to have guests ready to get their groove on.

#7 & 8 - Grandmaster Swing 01 and 02

When I am looking for something that lends an air of sophistication, these work perfectly to set a classy vibe to the wedding breakfast. After all, nothing says cool better than Frank and the Rat Pack and the hits from the swing era, full of songs that will have the guests tapping their toes.
Like Grandmaster Love, GM swing is also currently not available but reach out to Mastermix if interested.

currently not available on the website

#9 Music For Food: Motown - Issue 392

Motown has been a favourite at weddings for years, and this mix strikes the perfect balance to put smiles on faces and build anticipation for the evening party.
Currently not available on the website

#10 Music For Food pt.8 – Smooth Grooves

This mix does what it says in the title with hits from Hi-Gloss you'll never know to Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway works for a smooth but up-tempo wedding breakfast or late night wind down.

Bubbling under and worth a mention are the following mixes.
The Groove Train - Issue 419
Grandmaster Warm Up 7 - Cool Dance
After Dark: Chilled Vibes - Issue 401 - Currently not available on the website.

Check out the Mastermix DJ website for yourself and see what you want to add to your collection.

Published: 08 June 2021