CHAUVET Brings the DeLorean Back to the Future!
Last month history caught up with itself, as fans of Back to the Future celebrated the arrival of October 21, the iconic ‘destination time’ of Doc and Marty’s DeLorean DMC-12 sports car in the franchise’s second film – and CHAUVET fixtures were there to help a large gathering of British fans mark the occasion!

To mark the date of mythical cult status when Marty McFly and his girlfriend are transported into the future to save the past, Vision SL was commissioned by Tattooed Bakers to help create a life-sized DeLorean cake for a ‘Back to the Future Day’ celebration. Bringing this edible automobile to life, the team used two Gesyer RGB foggers to simulate smoke from the car’s exhaust and, adding colour, four COLORado Dec Quad 1 Tour fixtures as headlamps, two Mega Strobe FX12s as rear brake lights and two COLORband PiX IP linear washes for the bumper lights.

“While the cake itself was something incredible to behold, it was our task to inject the car with a certain vivacity,” commented Vision SL’s Tom Wilkes. “We turned to our extensive selection of CHAUVET fixtures to bring the iconic DeLorean to life, giving it the wow factor it deserved.”

Reminding fans of the film scenes in which the DeLorean piles out smoke as it is jettisoned ‘back to the future’, the two Geyser RGB foggers produced a steady stream of white smoke that billowed from the back of the car. Meanwhile, the two MegaStrobe FX12s offered an additional modification.

“We needed something that could fire up quickly and give a strong burst of smoke with fast dissipation,” explained Wilkes. “The Geysers worked perfectly! The FX12s were not the perfect size to accurately replicate the rear brake lights, but thanks to the pixel mappable LEDs, we were able to reproduce a grid of light with individual control.”

Wilkes also explained how the COLORdash and COLORband PiX fixtures were used to add colour to the display: “COLORdashes offer such intense light and brilliant colours, so they allowed us to replicate the DeLorean’s headlamps in a very eye-catching fashion,” he said. “We used the COLORband PiX to create a powerful wash for the front and rear of the car. The built-in automatic programs ensured ease of operation, and, thanks to their water- and dust-proof construction, we didn’t have to worry about any cake getting into the lights!”

“The reaction to the DeLorean was overwhelming,” concluded Wilkes. “Thanks to the CHAUVET fixtures we really pulled off an impossible task: bringing the DeLorean back to life.”

Though many fans are still waiting for a Back to the Future sequel that may never come, thanks to CHAUVET lighting and one seriously futuristic cake, it seems that appetites have been satisfied – for now.

Published: 11 November 2015