Screen Heart Lycra Pack Now Available from Equinox!
Giving mobile DJs a new way to adapt their setups, the Prolight Concepts Group has released an optional upgrade for its Equinox DJ Screens. The new Screen Heart Lycra Pack is a pack of heart-pattern covers with integrated Velcro strips, ideal for use at weddings, engagements and Valentine’s Day celebrations.

The new Equinox Screen Heart Lycra Pack contains four elasticated lycra cloths, designed to fit the brand’s range of DJ screens and each decorated with different-sized graphic-style heart patterns that can be used to add a new dimension to a wide range of events, especially weddings and Valentine’s parties.

Building on its range of lycra covers, Equinox also offers a similar product with circle patterns – the Screen Circle Lycra Pack – and will launch a pack of ‘equaliser’ pattern lyrca covers soon. So, mobile DJs can keep a range of different easily-attachable covers and use them for events where the DJ booth could benefit from a little extra pizazz.

These patterned lycra covers – which are black with white shapes – can be backlit from behind using coloured lighting to achieve a range of effects, whether mobile DJs want to create red heart shapes for the first dance or vibrant circles for a more sixties/psychedelic vibe.

“For the ultimate expression of romance, these heart design lycra scrims add an extra dimension for any DJ, ideal for valentines, engagements and weddings,” said Bernie Marsh, General Manager, the Prolight Concepts Group.

All of the Equinox Lycra Pack covers are fitted with integrated Velcro strips, making them easy to attach and detach during setup and teardown. Measuring 1180 x 690 x 2mm, the covers fit snugly to Equinox DJ Screens and many other similar products, while the lightweight material (0.2g) adds minimal weight to a mobile setup.

The new Equinox Screen Heart Lyrca Pack is available now from Prolight Concepts at an SSP of £65.

Published: 13 January 2016