The Government can't see us

It's time to show them who we are!
The next phase of the #WeMakeEvents campaign has begun... RESTART LIVE

They want to send the British government a message, ahead of the March 3rd budget, that the people who work in the live event supply chain are on their knees and urgently need help.
We need you to add your voice to speak up for all of us, freelancers, DJs and businesses alike.

You can help by submitting your video and opinion here or by clicking on the link at the bottom of this article.

What's the idea?

Help towards building a social media campaign, that will link through a microsite, designed to get the #WeMakeEvents message to the key government decision makers, notably at DCMS and BEIS, that we need help.

The campaign ultimately aims to say "That without us, there would be no events", but that the government can't see us.

Your voices will be used in a short video, with multiple faces representing the wider industry, and the various sectors in it, before a link to the campaign website (that will go live on or around 18th Feb 2021).

At that website, a larger 'rogues gallery' will feature every image submitted (and accepted), and tell the thousands of stories, in the hope that hearing and seeing from so many will convey just how personal and just how serious the current situation is.

Get Involved!

We need your help for this campaign. For it to have maximum effect, please both record a video selfie and upload a selfie photo via this form, following these instructions.

- Your camera should be no further than arms length from your face: we need to see you!
- We need portrait (not landscape) pictures and videos
- Make sure your face is visible: avoid a bright background
- Make sure you can be heard: turn off background noise
- Make sure your voice isn't muffled: take off your face mask
- If you represent a business, wear branded clothes
- If you want to represent a particular skill or profession, hold an obvious prop

In the video, we need you to say ONLY:

"The government can't see us."

NB Any video that goes beyond this script, or images that include offensive pictures, symbols, objects or words, will not make the final campaign

You can get more information from the #WeMakeEvents website

Published: 12 February 2021