Lavoce Italiana, the transducer company with a heritage of over 30 years designing and manufacturing professional loudspeaker transducers, are excited to announce the appointment of BishopSound as their exclusive distributor for the UK market.

BishopSound is a well-known UK professional audio brand which started life in 2016 and prides itself on offering products which offer an emotive sound and performance, and incredible customer service. Founded by Andrew Bishop who is a veteran in the pro audio industry, there comes an immediate network of established contacts with UK sound systems, venues and retailers to market LAVOCE HF and LF loudspeaker components to and support their needs for the repair or the upgrade of an existing loudspeaker driver, or simply to build their own sound system.

Andrew Bishop, commented, ‘After observing the impressive growth of the LAVOCE brand and their product range over the last few years, we are really pleased to have finally signed a deal to represent their proposition in the UK. Their team are extremely professional, and they are focussed on providing great products at competitive prices and offering excellent support, which fits perfectly with our own values. There are many really great products to choose from and we cannot wait to start presenting them to the UK market.’

Kevin Shove, International Sales Director, says, ‘We are so excited to be working with BishopSound, because they are great people and have excellent transducer and industry knowledge. And with LAVOCE being one of only a few brands they represent in the UK, they also offer us the focus we need to properly develop every opportunity, in what is already a very saturated and competitive market for loudspeaker components. We look forward to developing this exciting opportunity together.’

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Published: 05 September 2021