BishopSound launches new website
Director, Owner and Audio Specialist Andrew Bishop explains to usWe're always listening to our customers, in order to make your experience with BishopSound the best it can be, we recently launched our new website which makes it easier than ever to find BishopSound products."

The site has been made easy to navigate with lots of new features, here is a few highlights:

1. Product Filtering

The web development team have made it easier to find the products you're looking for - you can now filter products via a range of metrics such as audience size, RMS, power, price, audio type and more.

2. Book a Consultation

Got a big project coming up for a live music or installation project and want to chat over your requirements? You can now book a free online 30-minute consultation with Andrew to discuss the best solution.

3. Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency

For international customers, you can now browse the sire in English, German and Spanish as well and complete your purchase in GBP, EUR or USD - making it easier than ever to order products for your specific region.

4. Apply for a trade account

If you are ordering in large quantities on a regular basis, then you maybe able to apply for a trade account to make larger and repeat orders easier than ever.

Published: 12 January 2022