Engine DJs OS is the world’s first, and most advanced, operating system supporting DJ hardware.

The release of 2.0 sees the platform continuing to ever-evolve with embedded lighting control for DMX and Philips Hue users directly on DJ hardware, Ableton Link communication protocol, a complete database rebuild delivering a streamlined workflow, a fresh new look and, even more features and improvements.

Engine DJ, a leading developer of cross-platform DJ software solutions, today announced the availability of Engine DJ 2.0. Comprising of 2 major updates to the OS and Desktop platforms, Engine DJ delivers the most advanced, reliable, and powerful DJ suite to the market. Benefiting from a brand-new database infrastructure, both platforms deliver a faster, smoother, more streamlined user experience that includes a world’s first lighting integration with Engine Lighting by SoundSwitch, wireless Ableton Link protocol, a more robust Playlists/History workflow and much more.

Strengthening Engine DJ’s vision for standalone performance and creative freedom for DJs and performers, OS 2.0 now includes Ableton LINK protocol for all Engine DJ OS compatible devices via Wi-Fi or wired connection. These devices are the world’s first standalone DJ hardware units now able to use Ableton LINK to communicate wirelessly, opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities for live performances.

The introduction of SoundSwitch gave many DJs a simpler, more automated approach to integrate lighting into their setups. From Mobile DJs and live streamers, to those looking to start their lighting journey, SoundSwitch offers an accessible, affordable addition to enhance the DJ’s performance.
Engine DJ’s OS 2.0 takes that accessibility one giant step further with Engine Lighting – an OS embedded solution accessible directly on the DJ hardware to control lighting – no laptop required. Mobile DJs using DMX can use the onboard lighting control, while home users can link directly with
their Phillips Hue system. Controlling lighting in a DJ set up has never been easier.

The most noticeable update to in 2.0 is the interface and user experience which has been resigned and reimagined to give DJs a faster, more intuitive workflow. However, it’s under the hood where the most impactful changes can be found. Both platforms have had completely new database code written
from the ground up, giving each platform new possibilities. File analysis is even faster, searching is quicker, database sizes are smaller, and stability is even more improved. This new database gives both Engine DJ OS and Desktop a more reliable, faster, flexible foundation that will continue to ever-evolve.

● Engine Lighting by SoundSwitch – Onboard lighting control
● Ableton Link Compatibility (Wi-Fi & wired option)
● New Playlists
● New Database
● New Control Centre Menu
● Playlist Deck with Crossfade (PRIME 2/4/GO)
● Onboard clock
● Track List Size Button – Expand tracks shown in playlists
● Streaming Service Upgrades – Preview, Prepare, History, Playlist Deck

● New Playlists – Packed tracks from drives no longer shows as duplicates in home collection
● New Database
● Updated User Interface
● Play History Upgrades
● SoundSwitch Data Export
● Apple M1 Compatibility
● Third-Party Library Upgrades
● Rekordbox Import Upgrades
● Drag and Drop Folder Import

Important: OS, Desktop and PRIME Series mixers require updating for Engine DJ 2.0 compatibility.
For additional details, please refer to the Release Notes.
Engine DJ 2.0 is a free update available today for SC6000/M, SC5000/M, PRIME 4, PRIME 2, PRIME GO.

Downloads - enginedj.com/downloads or directly from the device via Wi-Fi or wired internet connection.

“The continued evolution of Engine DJ to support hardware has been essential for us to keep advancing innovation and creativity forward for DJs" said Jay Cunningham, Marketing Manager for Engine DJ. “Engine 2.0 is a key part of this story with redesigned database builds, advanced features
and improvements alongside industry first integrations”

About Engine DJ
Composed of cross-platform software solutions, Engine DJ offers intuitive desktop music library management and the most technologically advanced embedded software experience for standalone DJ hardware.
● Engine DJ - Desktop - A computer-based software that simplifies music collection management and media
device preparation for Engine DJ compatible standalone devices.
● Engine DJ - OS - A hardware embedded standalone platform that expands workflow and performance
creativity for both Engine OS prepared media devices and music streaming services.


Published: 05 October 2021