Rhino Announces Lycra Cover Perfect for Disco Stands
The Prolight Concepts brand, Rhino, has announced the release of a new lycra stand cover, giving mobile DJs a stylish white scrim solution that fits onto most 4ft stands, including those found in Rhino’s existing Pro Disco Stand range.

A simple but effective, low-cost solution, the new kit from Rhino includes one white lycra scrim and one frontal supporting crossbar. The scrim will fit most 4ft (122cm) deck stands and is perfect for disguising equipment, while lighting the translucent material from behind creates a glowing effect, turning a practical piece of kit into a unique lighting feature. Though made of fire retardant material, the cover is also washable, so users can keep it clean for a professional finish.

While mobile DJs can easily fit the new lycra cover onto non-Rhino stands, the company does provide a range of affordable stands that the scrim is particularly well-suited to. The Pro Disco Stand series includes various 4ft stand options: the standard disco stand (SSP: £65.00), the disco stand with overhead kit (SSP: £95.00), and the disco stand with twin-bar overhead kit (SSP: £125.00).

“The 4ft Pro Disco Stand is an ideal tool in any DJs set-up, as it is convenient for even the smallest spaces and is adaptable for a wide variety of DJ control/playback equipment. The optional lycra allows DJs to colour-coordinate their stand to suit the application,” said Bernie Marsh, General Manager for Prolight Concepts.

A simple but effective way to disguise DJ setups while also creating a glowing booth effect, the new white lycra scrim from Rhino will be available from mid-June 2015 at an SSP of £50.00.


Published: 04 June 2015