Promo Only Launches New UK Website!
Promo Only, which supplies music video content to DJs and venues across the UK and Europe, has launched its revamped website, as well as a new series of monthly video packages, giving mobile DJs loads of new ways to incorporate music videos into their setup.

The company has launched a freshly designed website dedicated to its UK/European operations, offering customers a modern, new-look site that lets them easily browse the company’s products and access their monthly POOL (Promo Only OnLine) subscriptions (which have been transferred over from the previous site).

With a minimal design and intuitive layout, visitors to the website can easily compare Promo Only’s products and subscription packages, so they can find one that suits their needs. Mobile DJs can also sign-up to a Promo Only newsletter which offers access to industry news, reviews and exclusive Promo Only chart listings.

Coinciding with the new websites, and adding to its extensive product range, Promo Only UK has also released new Chart Video, Club Video, Urban Video, Latin Video, and Dance Mix Video packages, downloadable in HD MPEG4 format and also available on DVD. The new Dance Mix Video is a unique product featuring dance music videos that are not only beat-matched but visually mixed too, enabling mobile DJs to give their audiences a smoother, more complete audio-visual experience.

“We’re incredibly excited about having launched our new websites,” explained David Brown, Manager of Promo Only UK. “They now offer customer a more intuitive browser experience, which lets them compare our products to find what’s right them. On top of this, the new sites look great, with a modern, user-friendly design. We’re also pleased to announce new video content in genres such as club, urban and Latin, as well as the release of our new and totally unique Dance Mix Video package, which is not only beat-matched but visually mixed too.”

The new Promo Only UK/Europe website is live now. The Promo Only Chart Video, Club Video, Urban Video, Latin Video and Dance Mix Video packages are available now at an SSP of £30-40.

Published: 11 June 2015