Promo Only Pool adds new web browser benefit for members!
Promo Only have added a new way to access the releases.
POOL (Promo Only On Line) is now available in a web browser, which allows access from smart phones or other internet enabled devices where you can listen to the releases before choosing what to download.

For those of you that don't know about Promo Only POOL, we caught up a quick Q&A with Director of Music & Video for UK & Europe, Kel Sweeney, at the latest SEDA Shownight:

Q What is Pool?
A "POOL is our proprietary platform designed to manage all the music that you download from Promo Only. It stands for Promo Only Online and allows you to preview content; play your music; organise your downloads; search by artist, title, or BPM; change file tags and file sizes all on the fly so Music prep has never been easier."

Q How do DJs & new Subscribers get their hands on the latest releases?
A "Subscribers get the convenience of daily, weekly and monthly digital delivery of the newest releases and exclusive content via high-quality DRM-free MP3 or broadcast quality M4A. All files are tagged to include artist, title, BPM, genre and much more."

Q Can you give us a few of the benefits that come with being a POOL subscriber?
A Kel explained there was far to many to list in a quick interview, but here is a few key pointers...
1. Multiple daily releases, on the same schedule as radio stations
2. Your choice of DRM-free 320 kbps MP3, full CD-quality audio (M4A), or MPEG4 (Video)
3. Content delivered directly to your hard drive
4. Full previews of all content prior to download
5. One-click batch downloads of releases
6. Free technical support, should you need it
7. Convenient monthly billing

Q Is there any features you'd like to point out in particular with the new web browser?
A "If you switch on the ‘Download All’ option in the browser, it will queue the releases for downloading so that when you open the app, they will automatically download." said Kel,

He goes on to explain "If you switch off the ‘Download All’ option, you can download the individual tunes to your smart phone or tablet, to the transfer them to another device by Dropbox or any other suitable method."

"This will give subscribers the ability to listen to the release while on the go, and save some time when preparing music." explains Director of Music & Video for UK & Europe.

It should be noted that you shouldn’t open both the app and the browser access on the same device at the same time as it will upset the smooth working of the system.

Q So, How much does it all cost?
A "Our Chart Daily Audio Subscription is £15 a month for 36 titles a week including remixes, extended versions and clean edits.

The Chart Video Subscription has similar content with clean edits, DJ friendly Intro Edits and remixes and costs £40 a month."

Current subscribers can access the browser here

Published: 18 July 2022