Showtec Announces Wipe Out 4-360 Moving Bar Effect
Highlite-distributed brand Showtec has released its new Wipe Out 4-360, growing its range of LED lighting solutions with a moving bar fixture that boasts continuous pan rotation and impressive tilt angles to equip mobile DJs with flexible, high-impact effects.

The Wipe Out 4-360 is the latest moving bar fixture from Showtec, providing continuous pan rotation and 180° tilt, allowing users to generate 360⁰ moving beam effects that also move from side-to-side for added excitement.

What makes the Wipe Out 4-360 unique, however, are its four LEDs, which create concise 3° beams and can be controlled per pixel. Due to this individual pixel control and tight beam angle, mobile DJs can be flexible with how they utilise the fixture; either using individual beams to slice through darkness on the dance-floor or using all four beams in parallel to create a laser-like curtain of light. No matter how it’s applied, Showtec has fitted the Wipe Out 4-360 with motors that ensure speed and precision of movement.

Not only this, but users will be pleased to know that Showtec offers two versions of the Wipe Out 4-360: one that utilises four 10W RGBW LEDs and one fitted with four 9W cold-white LEDs instead. So, mobile DJs can choose whether they create their moving beam effects in various colours, ideal for parties, or create bright white beams better-suited to weddings and other more-formal occasions. Both models also offer strobe effects, great for getting the party going, and 0-100% dimming.

Due to its compact aluminium housing, users will find that the Wipe Out 4-360 is easy to transport and lightweight (6.8kg), making it the perfect bar solution for DJs on the move. The fixture also comes with quick-lock brackets for quick and easy assembly, while powerCON inputs and outputs ensure secure connections and reduce the need for extensive wiring, offering mobile DJs a quicker setup and teardown time.

For those wishing to expand their setup, multiple Wipe Out 4-360s can be connected, while users have a choice between Auto, Sound Active and DMX control modes, with the latter offering a choice between 1-, 22- and 26-channel modes.

The Wipe Out 4-360 is out now, available from Showtec in RGBW and cold-white models at an approximate SSP of £600.00.

Published: 16 July 2015