New Pioneer DDJ-RZ: In Stock at a Store near You!
Pioneer DJ has now released its flagship DDJ-RZ controller, designed to offer intuitive compatibility with rekordbox dj, providing mobile DJs with a controller that lets them prepare tracks in the software and enjoy plug-and-play performance directly from their laptop.

The new DDJ-RZ has been designed by Pioneer to mirror the rekordbox dj software’s layout, enabling a more intuitive user experience, and allowing mobile DJs to get more creative with their sets for when they’re playing to younger or club-oriented audiences. This creativity is aided further by Pioneer’s inclusion of a club-style magnetic crossfader, large jog wheels and a range of new features.

These features include 16 back-lit rubber performance pads, allowing DJs to easily trigger hot cues, slicer and pad FX – also great for mobile DJs that want to trigger jingles and song snippets before speeches and other parts of their events. For those DJs wanting to get creative with their mixing, the Pad FX feature lets them set multiple FX chains, while the sequencer lets them record, play and loop sample sequences mid-set. The DDJ-RZ is also fitted with full-sized aluminium jog wheels, for greater precision while mixing.

The DDJ-RZ also comes bundled with the latest rekordbox dj software, which offers a number of new features and benefits well-suited to mobile DJs. In terms of library access, rekordbox dj allows users to rely on one single music library, with the software’s GUI mirroring the layout of the DDJ-RZ (or other Pioneer CDJs, XDJs or controllers) to ensure intuitive control.

DJs can also prepare their entire set in the software, adding cues, loops and tags as they go. So, mobile DJs can create a set that's tailored to the request of their client, while ensuring that tracks can be tagged and arranged in a way that suits them best. Furthermore, when it comes to playing a gig, users can simply plug their laptop into the DDJ-RZ and start, without the need to transfer the library between software.

The Pioneer DDJ-RZ is available now at an SSP of £1,549.00. For more information head to the Pioneer DJ website and be sure to check out the full review in Pro Mobile Issue 74.

Published: 31 October 2015