Kam Releases Flagship SF Speaker Series
The Lamba brand Kam has now released its new series of SF speakers, featuring two active units that are the flagship products in the company’s PA line-up, both of which offer mobile DJs high-quality sound reproduction at this price point.

Available in two-way 12” and 15” versions, the 500w RMS SF12A and SF15A speakers – released last Friday (30th October) – utilise an engineered curve that allows for audio transparency with no unwanted ‘colouring’ of the original sound source, enabling mobile DJs to provide a quality service for their clients and audiences in terms of sound and music playback.

“Undoubtedly the new SFs are the best-sounding speakers Kam has ever released,” said Lamba Sales Director Andy Williams. “The audio reproduction on these speakers is stunning; our engineers spent many months in R&D to get the curves exactly right […] and we feel that they can’t be beaten for price or quality of sound.”

Each of the injection-moulded SF speakers features mic, stereo line and AUX audio inputs, as well as speaker output/link. There are also separate microphone and line level adjustments, as well as a master volume control, so DJs can easily connect a microphone – and adjust the levels – for making announcements or for when guests make their speeches. Connections are made via female XLR and 6.35mm jack for the microphone inputs, RCA and female XLR for the audio inputs, 3.5mm mini jack for the AUX input and XLR male for the output/link. The speakers also have two-band EQ and LED indicators for clipping and power.

When it comes to build quality, the SF12A and SF15A speakers are sturdy and compact while remaining lightweight (12.8kg and 17kg, respectively), providing mobile users with a portable active speaker system that’s robust enough for life on the road.

In order to ensure protection over the controls during transit, Kam has fitted the speakers’ rear panels with impact protection bars. Each SF speaker is also fitted with a full-frontal grille, side handles and a pole mount, ensuring protection and convenience when moving and mounting them.

The Kam SF speakers are available now from UK dealers.


Published: 02 November 2015