New ‘Pro’ Version of DJ Player App Launched
A new version of the popular DJ Player app for iOS has been launched, boasting new features and a sleeker design. DJ Player Pro builds on the distinctive interface of the original, as well as offering effective data-syncing and compatibility STEMS, providing mobile users with a more advanced DJing solution for their handheld devices.

Where the original DJ Player gave mobile DJs a forward-looking app that could be conveniently used on their phone, tablet and laptop, DJ Player Pro builds on this by offering brand-new features and a stylish, user-friendly interface with a convenient layout, as well as ensuring stability, low latency and a clean sound.

One of these new features is DJ Player Pro’s integration of UI/UX with iOS, which lets users view large waveforms and access control features simultaneously, making both visible and accessible for easy audio manipulation. This user-friendly layout also makes it easy for mobile DJs to select tracks from their library, no matter how many files they have, ensuring that they don’t get caught short in the middle of a gig! Meanwhile, the app’s A8 CPU enables it to run faster than many other popular DJ software solutions, offering quality performance on iOS devices.

Perhaps the app’s two biggest new features, however, are its compatibility with Native Instruments’ STEMS and its cloud data syncing. With the optional DJ Crowdsourced Cloud (subscription required), users can safely store and instantly access cue points, loops and BPM data, with data automatically synced to all of their devices. Moreover, using Cloud Community Power, songs prepared by fellow DJs can be downloaded with the cue points already set, giving mobile DJs the ability to prepare and instantly share tracks in the lead-up to an event.

For those mobile DJs that want to get creative with their DJing, DJ Player Pro is also compatible with the new multitrack STEMS format from Native Instruments. Using four decks with four STEMS each, users have simultaneous access to as many as 16 tracks, utilising time-stretching and advanced effects at low latency on their iOS device.

This range of additional features means that mobile DJs who want to use their iPad to play gigs can still enjoy the advanced features offered by leading DJ software. Likewise, DJ Player Pro is also ideal for use at home, whether used on laptop or handheld iOS devices.

While the original DJ Player app will still be available as a paid-for option, it will be without many of the new features included in DJ Player Pro, and more features are also likely to be developed and added to the Pro version in the future.

DJ Player Pro is free to download from the App Store now. More information on the app can be found on the DJ Player website.

Published: 22 November 2015