Numark Releases New N-Wave 580L Speakers
Ideal for use as part of a home DJing setup, Numark has announced the release of its new N-Wave 580L desktop monitoring system, providing mobile DJs with compact self-powered speakers that offer quality audio and built-in LED illumination.

The company’s new 2-way speaker system, the N-Wave 580L, follows in the footsteps of the Numark Lightwave launched earlier this year, featuring multicolour LED illumination surrounding the woofer and tweeter. This LED lighting can be made to pulsate in time with music or cycle through static colours, or can be turned off when it isn’t required.

In addition to this built-in LED feature, the N-Wave 580L speakers utilise 1” silk dome tweeters and 5.25” woofers, combined using an electronic crossover network, while the on-board amplification system delivers 40W of power. This ensures that DJs can enjoy clear sound reproduction while using the speakers at home as part of a desktop system.

Offering an alternative to vibration-prone moulded-plastic housings, each N-Wave 580L speaker cabinet is made of resin-reinforced wood, preventing the kind of vibrations that can diminish clarity. For those situations when mobile DJs need a little more low-end punch, the N-Wave 580L is also fitted with an electronic bass-boost circuit that increases the impact frequency-region of the bass for a harder low-frequency sound.

“The Numark N-Wave 580L’s outstanding acoustic performance and high build quality result from our relentless attention to detail,” said Chris Roman, Senior Product Manager for Numark. “But as good as the 580L’s sound, it’s their built-in lighting that’s going to really capture everyone’s imagination. This is a compact self-powered speaker system that offers exciting lighting effects, customisable to your exact situation. They sound great, they look great and no one else has anything like them.”

Additional features of the N-Wave 580L include a front panel volume control, RCA and ¼” audio inputs, and magnetically shielded drivers that prevent interference with other equipment.

The Numark N-Wave 580L is available now at an SSP of £99.99.

Published: 25 November 2015