Pioneer Teams with Pulselocker for Rekordbox DJ Streaming
Teaming up with streaming service Pulselocker, Pioneer DJ will allow DJs to stream tracks directly from their Pulselocker account into Pioneer’s popular rekordbox dj software. The initiative will give mobile DJs a new way to access music while out on the road, saving them the need to always carry extensive digital collections with them.

The move follows the launch of Pioneer’s rekordbox dj Plus Pack back in October and will allow users to stream music from Pulselocker’s 44 million-strong catalogue of tracks, straight into their rekordbox dj software. All that’s required is for the DJ to connect their rekordbox software with an active Pulselocker account, giving them exclusive access to music from 500,000 record labels.

“Since we launched the rekordbox dj Plus Pack in October, DJs have told us they’d like it to include support for streaming services like Pulselocker,” said Yoshiaki Ide, chief executive officer for Pioneer DJ. “We’re excited to partner with Pulselocker and give DJs a new way to access the music they love.”

Meanwhile, Ben Harris, Pulselocker’s chief executive officer, said: “We are very pleased to be announcing this partnership between Pulselocker and Pioneer DJ. Having Pulselocker’s vast catalogue of music integrated directly into rekordbox is an exciting proposition for Pioneer DJs everywhere.”

An online music catalogue and streaming service, Pulselocker can now be integrated into rekordbox dj to offer DJs an iTunes-style library that can be navigated and browsed from within the software. While the basic streaming service gives mobile DJs access to Pulselocker’s full catalogue of tracks, signing up for the professional subscription allows users to save a set of tracks and take them offline, so they can play the tracks without the need for a live internet connection. The professional package also provides the proper licensing for playing Pulselocker tracks in venues – an essential for mobile DJs working weddings and other events.

A free 30-day trial of rekordbox dj Plus Pack is currently available from within the rekordbox 4.0 software (which remains free to download), after which a monthly paid subscription offers mobile DJs affordable access to the software update’s range of professional features and improved sound quality. Now, by connecting their Pulselocker account, users have an easy way to stream tracks directly into rekordbox dj, offering an alternative method of accessing their music.

Pulselocker is available to download now and offers a free trial of the basic streaming package, after which users have the option to take out either the basic monthly subscription (£9.99) or professional monthly subscription (£19.99).

Pioneer’s rekordbox dj support will be available from spring 2016.

Published: 23 January 2016