Into the Groove: Reloop Releases Groove Set 10 & 12
DJ gear manufacturer Reloop has this week released its new Groove Set 10 and 12 PA systems, providing mobile DJs with two portable audio solutions that offer clear sound and powerful performance.

The new Reloop Groove Set 10 and 12 are both compact PA systems consisting of a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The first – the Groove Set 10 – provides two satellites delivering 70W RMS each, while the 10” sub provides 270W. Meanwhile, its larger sister model – the Groove Set 12 – offers 100W RMS through each satellite and 300W through its 12” sub, for added punch on the bottom end.

Portable but providing a solid, reliable sound, both the Groove Set 10 and 12 systems offer a clear high/mid-range while their subwoofers ensure precise low-frequency, making them the ideal systems for use by mobile DJs working function rooms, marquees, bars and other venues. Depending on their needs, DJs can choose between the two models, selecting the system best-suited to the events and venues they work.

Both PA systems come with two five-metre cables and a mains lead, for instant setup. Separately sold tripods are also available, for both the Groove Set 10 and 12, allowing mobile jocks to easily mount the speakers for use at a range of events.

The Groove Set 10 and 12 are available now from Reloop at an SSP of £599 and £799, respectively. For more information visit the Reloop website.

Published: 01 February 2016