Numark Announces Red Wave Carbon Headphones for DJs
Numark has announced the release of its new Red Wave Carbon headphones, which will offer mobile DJs a professional quality solution for monitoring their mixes, whether they’re DJing at weddings, parties and all-day events, or creating personal mixes and playlists at home.

Aiming to provide a better quality of headphones for DJs, Numark has equipped the new Red Wave Carbons with full-range frequency response, comfortable ear pads (for long term use), swivelling ear cups, and a detachable cable with 1/8” adaptor for use with a wide range of gear.

Improving on the standard 40mm headphone driver found in many DJ headphones, the Red Wave Carbon headphones offer 50mm neodymium-powered units, ensuring deep bass response. These units combine with the high-power voice coils to provide a powerful, precise sound that’s ideal for monitoring the mix and ‘auditioning’ cued tracks during a gig.

“DJs have very specific demands for their headphones and honestly, most just don’t measure up,” said Chris Roman, Senior Product Manager for Numark. “With Red Wave Carbon, we really listened to what DJs needed to make their lives easier. The Red Wave Carbons sound really great, and they also have the comfort and versatility that meets all the unique demands of a professional DJ. We’re very excited about these.”

As well as offering mobile DJs an improved sound, the new Red Wave Carbons are fitted with breathable protein-leather padding, for added comfort during all-day events, and a modern carbon design offering a professional aesthetic. The headphones also come with a carry pouch included, so DJs can protect their headphones from damage and dust during transit, as well as store away the included cable and adaptor.

The Numark Red Wave Carbon headphones will be available this spring at an SSP of £59.99.

Published: 07 February 2016