Orange Introduces New ‘O’ Edition Headphones
Renowned for its guitar and bass amplification, manufacturer Orange Amplification has now introduced its on-ear ‘O’ Edition Headphones, which are designed to deliver superior audio performance and comfort, providing mobile DJs with a stylish and comfortable headphone solution for monitoring their mixes.

With almost 50 years of audio expertise and experience, Orange is a longstanding company in the world of quality amplification, but the new ‘O’ Edition Headphones see them moving into new territory, while retaining the sorts of features and attributes that made the brand popular in the first place.

Equipped with 40mm drivers, these new headphones provide a tight, rhythmic bass response, rich mid-range and articular top-end, while the intentionally neutral EQ response ensures an open sound stage with detailed separation. Thanks to the ‘O’ Edition Headphones’ cushioned closed-back ear cups, mobile DJs can also enjoy natural noise isolation for a more immersive overall sound.

Just as Orange’s amps offer stylish looks and solid built-quality, so too do the new ‘O’ Edition Headphones, whose padded stainless-steel headband is adorned with a subtle black-on-black Orange logo and the iconic Orange Crest – the company’s mark of its commitment to quality.

Whether mobile DJs want to use them while listening to music at home (for choosing playlists for gigs), on the move, or during an event, the ‘O’ Edition Headphones are well-suited to use in a range of situations and come supplied with three 3.5mm cables (including one with integrated microphone and remote control) and a zipped clamshell case, making them easy to control and carry.

The Orange ‘O’ Edition Headphones will be available soon at an SSP of £149.00.

Published: 07 March 2016