Enhance Your Rig with the DT-DYNO WHEEL
Designed for use with popular floor-standing truss podiums, the DT-DYNO WHEEL from DuraTruss is an innovative new product that provides mobile DJs with a more flexible framework on which to mount their fixtures, making it the ideal truss-topper.

A genuinely unique product that’s ideal for mounting lighting fixtures such as moving heads and LED washes, the new DT-DYNO WHEEL is a circular truss-topper from DuraTruss, designed for use by lighting professionals, including mobile DJs, who want to get more from their setup and their lighting effects.

Adding extra scope to any lightshow, without the need for horizontal trussing, the DT-DYNO WHEEL is a simple but effective concept that simply slides directly onto the top of any F34 square truss. Truss pillars are a staple of many modern rigs, but thanks to the arrival of the intelligently designed DT-DYNO WHEEL it’s now possible for DJs to mount multiple lighting fixtures to the top of their truss plinths. Boasting a circular design, the new DT-DYNO WHEEL gives DJs the freedom and flexibility to hang their lighting fixtures pointing downwards, which was previously not possible from a vertical truss pillar.

“We’re always seeking ways to make the life our customers easier, but we also want to give them more flexibility when it comes to their touring rigs and stage setups,” explained Ken Kahn, president of DuraTruss. “The DT-DYNO WHEEL basically makes it easier for lighting users to be flexible with how they mount their fixtures, allowing them to point their moving heads and other effects straight downwards thanks to the circular shape of the trussing. This means a more flexible, creative lightshow, without the need to erect horizontal truss.”

As well as offering a range of practical features, the DT-DYNO WHEEL can be conveniently incorporated into any mobile setup, thanks to its relatively low net weight (13.6kg) and manageable diameter (999.7mm). Despite this compactness, it still provides enough space for mounting a selection of moving heads or other lighting fixtures, so users get the best of both worlds! The DT-DYNO WHEEL can support an evenly distributed weight of up to 99.7kg, so DJs can hang a variety of lighting effects from the wheel for greater variation and scope.

Giving users the flexibility and freedom to create an awesome on-stage visual spectacle, the DT-DYNO WHEEL boasts the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics, thanks to its simple-to-use design and circular shape. With the DT-DYNO WHEEL it’s now easier and more affordable than ever to mount multiple lighting fixtures without erecting horizontal truss, ensuring a varied and unrestricted lightshow that will blow audiences away!


Published: 23 May 2016