DJM-REC High-quality DJ mix recording app
Pioneer DJ is extending the free trial period for its DJ mix recording app - DJM-REC - from 30 days up to 90 days to help DJs looking to raise their profiles by connecting and sharing mixes with audiences online.

The DJM-REC app simplifies the recording and sharing of music by allowing DJs to quickly and easily connect their DJM to an iPhone or iPad via a USB cable to create high-quality digital format mixes. These mixes can then be directly uploaded from the app to multiple online streaming platforms, removing the complications of analogue conversion or level adjustment.

To support as many DJs and producers as possible, Pioneer DJ is also offering the 90 day offer beyond new users to also include anyone who has previously accessed the free trial.

The extended DJM-REC trial period will run from 7th April until 6th May 2020.

Published: 07 April 2020