Engine OS and Engine PRIME v1.6 public betas are available today for free on the Official Denon DJ Forum. Users are encouraged to put the betas through the paces and provide feedback. Denon DJ is excited to collaborate with their users to ensure the latest features and integration workflows satisfy the needs of their diverse and passionate user base.

Highlights of public beta v1.6 are as follows:

Dropbox Personal Cloud Integration** (Engine PRIME, Engine OS)
Adding to its industry leading standalone streaming capabilities, Engine OS takes the next logical step - personal cloud storage with Dropbox. With Dropbox integration, DJs can now store their personal music in the cloud through Engine PRIME and then access remotely on any Engine OS device from anywhere in the world. Just like streaming services, tracks loaded from the cloud are downloaded in their entirety before allowing playback to ensure that playback is never interrupted even if your internet connection is.

Beatsource LINK Streaming Service** (Engine OS)
Open format music streaming for DJs is here with Beatsource LINK. Partnering with top record labels around the world, Beatsource LINK provides a variety of open format music and playlists curated specifically for DJs. From any Engine OS device, DJs can browse, search and play Beatsource LINK’s extensive collection without the need of a computer. Beatsource LINK offers both optimized (128kb/s AAC) and advanced (256kb/s AAC) playback options. As with all streaming services, performance data such as BPM, Key, Hot Cues, and Loops are saved to the DJ’s source drive and instantly recalled the next time the track is loaded.

Flexible Beat Grids** (Engine PRIME, Engine OS)
Engine PRIME v1.6 now has the ability to manually add beat grids to songs with varying tempo or multiple BPMs. Users can now place various tempo anchors throughout a track to change the track BPM or manually correct a fluctuating tempo. This is useful for aligning the beat grid for old vinyl rips or assigning multiple tempo sections for tracks that have intentional tempo changes such as transition up/down or multi-genre tracks. Engine OS devices running v1.6 will automatically detect tracks with flexible beat grids and apply BPM changes to all decks that are in sync.

Track Preview** (PRIME 4)
The ability to preview a track directly from the library is now available for Prime 4. DJs can now tap the album artwork from the tracklist to quickly preview without having to load the track first. Additionally, users can tap across the track title to ‘needle-drop’ audition different sections of the song. This is a huge time saver when browsing for the next song, especially in the most critical moments of the mix. Track Preview also has protection measures in place to ensure that a previewed track is only played in the cue mix and not to the audience.

“The ability to access and play music from one’s personal storage cloud has never been possible on a standalone media player, until now.’’ said Jason Stout, Product Marketing Manager for Engine DJ. He added, “Our Development team anticipated this day through well thought out product designs and we’re delighted that we’re able to provide these new abilities as free updates to our users.”


Published: 03 September 2020