Trendsetting Bose L1 Flexible Array Shipping Soon!
Following its launch at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, Germany last month (April), Bose has released the new L1 Flexible Array – a compact linear array speaker/sub combination that enables mobile DJs to bring quality sound to larger-than-usual rooms thanks to its adjustable array design.

Ideal for mobile DJs, due to its portability, the new Bose L1 Flexible Array is a powered loudspeaker system capable of vertical coverage pattern adjustment, allowing users to adjust the position of the PA to achieve optimum sound in a range of situations. So, whether DJing at floor level, on-stage or facing an unusual seating arrangement, users can adjust the L1 Flexible Array accordingly.

The new system consists of eight drivers mounted onto a specially designed baffle, which lets users adjust the array position to create different coverage patterns, with the EQ changing automatically to maintain tonal balance. These coverage patterns are ‘Straight’, ‘J’, ‘Reverse J’ and ‘C’, designed for floor-level, upward-facing, downward facing and all-encompassing applications, respectively.

Fitted with eight drivers, each mounted on a custom waveguide, the mid/high line array lets users achieve wide, consistent coverage, while its high-performance woofer provides a strong low-frequency output. Mobile DJs also receive access to a 2-channel integrated mixer, which offers independent level control and XLR, 0.25" and RCA connections.

Meanwhile, thanks to its 10” drivers, the compact F1 Subwoofer offers the performance of a larger bass box but in a more compact design, making it ideal for DJs that want to incorporate quality bass into their mobile setup. With a line output EQ that can be set to full range and high pass filter settings, users can make easy crossover selection when using the sub with the main speaker. In addition, a built-in stand is stored in the rear of the subwoofer, allowing for a quick and easy setup.

The Bose L1 Flexible Array will be available soon.

Published: 19 May 2015