M-Audio Releases Updated Compact Speaker Systems
M-Audio has announced the release of its latest compact loudspeaker systems – the AV32 and AV42 – which are updates of previous popular models, offering a range of new features. The AV32 and AV42 are ideal for mobile DJs who need affordable, compact booth monitors for their road-show or powered monitor speakers for home practice sessions.

Updates of M-Audio’s popular AV-30 and AV-40 models, the new AV32 and AV42 speakers are designed as desktop monitors but can easily be incorporated into a compact mobile setup for use behind the booth, producing a clear sound so that users can monitor their mix.

Providing 10W of power per channel, these new monitors are housed in quality MDF enclosures that offer a two-way configuration and optimised bass reflex design. The AV32 and AV42 are fitted with polypropylene-coated woofers – in 3" and 4" variants, respectively – enabling tight accurate bass, while the speakers’ 1" soft-dome silk tweeters allow clear highs. The dispersion of these tweeters is controlled by M-Audio’s new, computer-optimized OptImage IV waveguide, ensuring optimum sound coverage.

All of the drivers have been designed with treated cellulose fibre foundations, allowing for deep bass response, while the polypropylene coating ensures that midrange transient sounds are reproduced with detail and precision.

Both the AV32 and AV42 models include RCA jacks on their rear panels, allowing mobile DJs to connect their controller or mixer, for effective monitoring while performing. Users also have access to 1/8" stereo jacks, for connecting their phone, tablet or laptop, and a separate 1/8" plug for attaching headphones.

The M-Audio AV32 and AV42 are available now at an SSP of £69.99/£99.99.


Published: 20 May 2015