Ray Technologies releases 100W ultra power laser system RTI NANO RGB 100
Ray Technologies GmbH, the German manufacturer of high-end laser systems, announced the release of their 100W ultra power laser system RTI NANO RGB 100, which not only has full colour mixture but also professional scanning capabilities like a normal professional laser system.

“Maintaining a high scan speed with such powerful lasers is pretty challenging as the diameter of the laser beam usually increases significantly with the power, so it cannot fit the small mirrors needed to create the images with” explains Norbert Stangl, CMO of the Laserworld Group. “The latest generation of RTI RSL modules are the key to success in the NANO RGB 100, as they provide a very thin beam even at high powers and are maintenance free.”

The RTI NANO RGB 100 can scan with up to 38kpps @ 8° according to ILDA standard which is incredibly fast for a system of this power. The laser sources do more than 30W red, 34W green and 54W blue, which mix to create a great white balance. The divergence of the beam is an incredible ca. 0.9 mrad.

“It was essential for us to develop a system with all components integrated to one housing - including a closed AC unit that allows for operation of the system anywhere between -20 and +60°C” continues Stangl.

With its weatherproof housing, the RTI NANO RGB 100 is suitable for outdoor use and can be mounted in many different ways.

Typical applications for this type of extreme laser power will be sky laser or landmark installation, long distance graphics projections (like towards mountains or buildings), for multimedia shows or advertising but also for use at big festivals.

The price of the system is available on request. Product demonstrations can be arranged.


Published: 22 June 2021