Reloop Releases All-Black Beatmix 2 MK2
Reloop is now offering its Serato-compatible Beatmix 2 controller in a stylish black design, for those mobile DJs who want a performance-oriented, two-channel pad controller that will look great as part of their existing black rig.

Both companies – Reloop and Serato – teamed up to create the Beatmix 2 controller, which launched earlier this year, giving users a ‘fun to use’, plug ‘n’ play solution that worked intuitively with the popular Serato DJ software. Now, Reloop has made the Beatmix 2 available in an all-black design, while still offering all of the same quality features found on the original model.

Great for mobile DJs that also undertake club work or want to get more creative with their mixing, the Beatmix 2 makes the most of dedicated equaliser and gain dials; high quality line faders; a smooth-running cross-fader; 16 multi-colour drum pads; and two extensive FX units. Meanwhile, with flat, touch-sensitive jog wheels that utilise aluminium platters and a 14.4cm diameter, users can practise precise beat-matching, search quickly within tracks and enjoy an authentic vinyl feel.

Using the controller’s drum pads, mobile DJs can easily control cue points, trigger loops and samples, and select various loop lengths, allowing them to get not only delve into the exciting world of sampling, but also use the controller to trigger jingles and cue tracks specific to their events. Furthermore, thanks to the colour-coded trigger pads, the potential for confusion is vastly reduced, even when using the controller in darkened function rooms and venues.

Other professional features found on the Beatmix 2 include a Serato sampler control, which offers a dedicated volume fader and a Split mode; and two separate FX units, which utilise iZotope studio FX and allow users to adjust quantization settings.

The Beatmix 2’s integrated audio interface, meanwhile, is fitted with various connections: two headphone connections (3.5 and 6.3mm), one mic input with separate volume control (so mobile DJs can MC and make event announcements too) and an RCA output for speaker connection.

The new all-black edition of Reeloop’s Beatmix 2 controller is available now at an SSP of £175.00.

Published: 03 June 2015