New LiteConsole LED Strips Land in the UK!
Providing mobile DJs with a new way to customise their LiteConsole XPRS consoles, the company has now released its new LED Strips package, which includes four multi-coloured LED strips designed to clip onto the poles of the XPRS booth.

Manufactured in partnership with lighting brand Abstract, the new LED Strips have been designed to fit the dimensions of the XPRS console, attaching to the vertical and horizontal bars via rubber-coated metal clips to turn the booth into an eye-catching visual feature.

“I've seen so many creative ideas for decorating LiteConsoles using branding and lighting effects, and always enjoy seeing what end-users have done to individualise them,” said Nick McGeachin, International Brand Director for LiteConsole. “I’d viewed images posted on our website of LiteConsoles with LED ribbon wrapped around the frame, even LED bars attached to the sides, and it got me thinking.”

It wasn’t until Nick – who has known Abstract AVR founder Steve Watts for many years – noticed some powerful but discreet LED strips on the Abstract stand BPM 2014 that he realised the potential a similar solution designed specifically for LiteConsole could hold.

“Long story short, we got thinking. Engineering the new LED strips to fit perfectly around the LiteConsole XPRS took a lot of trial and error, but I knew that Abstract would achieve the goal and supply a brilliant DMX controller,” Nick explained. “And they sure did. Everybody who witnessed the new LEDs on the XPRS at BPM and PRO was extremely impressed – they looked absolutely amazing! I'm very pleased with this new option for LiteConsole’s innovative products.”

Mobile DJs will find four LED strips are included in the package, along with the control unit and power supply – all of which fits into a carry case, enabling users to easily take the whole package on the road with them. A four-way split lead with 4-pin connectors – for connecting the LED strips to the control unit – is also bundled.

Using this control unit, mobile DJs can select from a range of static colours – including red, green, yellow, blue, white, cyan and purple – as well as activate a varied sound-active mode that scrolls through slow colour-change/fade displays and effects in bright white and vibrant colours. Meanwhile, users can go more in-depth using the 20-channel DMX mode, which provides access to a selection of pre-programed animated displays such as sparkle, comet/rain, trance, graphic equalizer and flame/water effects (for each of these, a base colour can be created using full RGB mixing).

The new LiteConsole LED Strips are available now from UK retailers. A full review is also available in the current issue (74) of Pro Mobile.

Published: 15 December 2015