Equinox Releases New Swing Batten Multi-Beam Bar Effect
A new addition to Equinox's range of lighting effects, the Swing Batten is a linear LED moving bar fixture that produces eight sharp beams of light, allowing mobile DJs to bring colourful multi-beam displays to their parties and events.

The Swing Batten provides users with eight 10W quad-colour CREE LEDs (RGBW) mounted onto a single moving bar, giving them the ability to create long-throw beams in a range of colours. Helping these beams stand out and look more effective in fog and haze, a tight 4° beam angle means that the beams are concise and cutting.

Furthering the flexibility offered by the Swing Batten, Equinox has also ensured that the moving bar offers 220° tilt movement, letting mobile DJs send the RGBW beams shooting through the air for an exciting display that is perfect for weddings, birthday parties and other events where colour and movement is required on the dance-floor. The Swing Batten’s LEDs are also individually controllable, enabling pixel-mapped effects to be created for a more unique lightshow. These effects can then be enhanced using the variable strobe effect, which can be intensified or diminished with the unit’s 0-100% dimming.

“Producing sharp, crisp beams of light, the feature packed Swing Batten from Equinox is not only versatile, but comes in at a cost effective price unseen in the market place for this type of fixture,” explained Bernie Marsh, General Manager for the Prolight Concepts Group. “The 10W CREE quad-colour LEDs offer full pixel mapping capabilities via DMX or the built-in internal macros, allowing the Swing Batten to add dynamic effects to stages or dance floors.”

In terms of control, mobile DJs can select from DMX, Auto and Sound Active modes, providing them with a range of options. In DMX mode, the Swing Batten offers 6-, 12- and 16-channel settings, letting users go more in-depth with their programming if needs be.

Well-suited to the needs of the mobile DJ, Equinox has ensured that the Swing Batten is lightweight and compact. Weighing in at 7.5kg and measuring 160 x 1065 x 80mm, the fixture can be easily incorporated into a mobile rig, while PowerCON connections and the included quick-release omega clamps make for a convenient and reliable setup.

The new Equinox Swing Batten is available now from Prolight Concepts.


Published: 14 March 2016