Beam Me Up!
The Prolight Concepts Group has expanded its Equinox range of affordable professional lighting fixtures with the introduction of a brand new moving head beam fixture. Powered by a 30W white light LED and offering a super sharp 2-degree beam angle, the new Equinox Triton Beam is designed to create piercing mid-air effects in a haze-filled environment.

Offering a massive output of 106,000 Lux (measured @ 2m), the Triton Beam offers superb optics that allow its beam to be seen over 50m away. It features a GOBO wheel loaded with 14 static patterns, a separate colour wheel fitted with 9 dichroic filters and a 3-facet rotating prism, allowing for a huge variety of beam effects to be created. A frost filter is also included to further bolster this unit’s arsenal of features.

A compact fixture, the Triton Beam measures 382 x 270 x 140mm and weighs just 8.2kg. It is supplied with a quick-release omega clamp and is fitted with a large 2.5” backlit LCD display that makes for easy DMX addressing and mode selection. It offers a choice of auto, sound active and master/slave operation, as well as DMX control selectable between 11 and 14 channels.

“The Triton Beam offers stunning aerial beam effects using its 30W LED light engine,” comments Bernie Marsh, General Manager for the Prolight Concepts Group. “Compact and lightweight, it makes a superb addition to any lightshow.”

The Equinox Triton Beam is available now with a MSRP of £336.00. Look out for a full review in Pro Mobile Issue 88 (March/April 2018).

Published: 09 March 2018