Novopro Releases New PS1XXL Podium and Range of Accessories
Last year, UK accessories supplier Novopro launched the PS1XL height-adjustable podium stand, which went on to win the Pro Mobile Accessory of the Year Award 2018. Following on from this success, the brand’s new PS1XXL has just been released and yes, you have guessed correctly, it is a supersized version of that award winning PS1XL podium!

The new podium raises from 1.4m (4ft 5in) right up to 2.5m (8ft 2in) in height and can give some great layout options when used in combination with the original PS1XLs, allowing for stepped height moving head/ball effect lighting setups. As well as the new podium model, Novopro has also released a range of premium touring grade bag sets for the PS1XL and PS1XXL along with a set of larger base plates – for when extra stability and support is required.

Gerry Frost, Novopro’s Managing Director, comments: “After the product launch at the BPM show last year, the PS1XL has been a top selling product and there has been a demand for a taller height adjustable podium… The PS1XXL, and some other new products being launched at BPM 2018, will boost the growing range of products that Novopro offers – all working on our principle of being well engineered, well-built whilst still being cost effective for the user.”

Published: 11 September 2018