Novopro Launches New Products Including PS1 Update
UK accessories supplier Novopro has now released its updated version of the popular PS1 moving-head podium stand, the PS1+, after showcasing the product at BPM 2015 back in September. While retaining its renowned sturdy locking system, the PS1+ boasts new fixings, enabling a faster setup/pack-down time for mobile DJs and other users.

Available at the same price as the original model, the new PS1+ offers users variable height adjustment (79-146cm), a secure locking system and a range of new fixings that make setup and tear-down an even easier and faster process, making it well-suited to DJs on the move. This locking system is comprised of four rotating hand-tightening clamps, which offer secure positioning at the selected height. Cable management clips and a white scrim are also included, enabling users to easily tidy up their setup for a more uniform, professional look that can be enhanced when the scrim is lit from inside.

“After the well-received product launch at the BPM show, the new PS1+ and expansion of our scrim range will help users to have a more professional show whilst still being affordable in these price-conscious times,” said Novopro Managing Director Gerry Frost. “The other new products coming in November will boost the growing range of products that we offer – all working on our principle of being well-engineered whilst being cost effective for the user.”

The PS1+ comes with a reversible top plate (measuring 28 x 28cm), with one side being flat and the other designed with a lipped edge that offers additional support and stability when attached a moving head to the podium. A PVA anti-slip foam pad is also included, providing extra grip for the top plate. Meanwhile, the solid powder-coated steel base-plate measures 50 x 50cm, ensuring a stable platform for the stand. Novopro states a maximum loading weight of 50kg and the PS1+ weighs in at approximately 11.25kg.

While visitors to BPM 2015 got to see the new PS1+ in action, Novopro also showcased a number of other new products, including a new range of bass bin, truss, podium and table scrims, which will be available in early November.

The Novopro PS1+ is available now at an SSP of £129.

Published: 03 November 2015