Laserworld Amazes Audiences at BPM and PRO 2015
The Laserworld Group used the recent BPM event – and the collocated PRO show – to showcase a range of new products, giving mobile DJs a chance to see incredible laser solutions up close in a series of eye-catching displays across three days at the NEC Birmingham.

The whole Laserworld Group – including Laserworld UK, RTI, SwissLas and HB-Laser – were exhibiting, and while the company did showcase a selection of high-end lasers, it also exhibited a huge range of laser systems for DJs, entertainers and small nightclubs.

Though based in PRO, Laserworld ran two specific laser shows throughout the three days. One was focused on displaying the newly launched products from its Club Series, the CS-1000RG MKII and CS-2000RGB MKII, as well as products from the Diode and Proline series. During these regular displays, mobile DJs and other visitors could see the variability of Laserworld’s lower-end lasers and entry-level systems.

The company's second type of laser show, meanwhile, demonstrated HB-Laser LightCube projectors, RTI projectors, such as the ATTO and FEMTO units, and some BeamNET-10 PROs, showcasing a tightly synchronized high-end display of concise beams and smooth graphics projection.

Both displays were created using the Pangolin BEYOND laser-show designer, while the programming and show design were carried out by Daniel Briggs from Laserworld partner AC Lasers.

More information on the full-range of Laserworld laser systems can be found on the company’s website.

Published: 24 September 2015