ADJ Launches New Airstream IR-compatible Products
Following the release of its Airstream IR control app, ADJ has launched seven new IR-compatible products, which allow mobile DJs to adjust their settings, trigger effects and generate high-energy lightshows wirelessly from their handheld device.

The new and free to download Airstream IR app lets users turn their phone or tablet into a universal wireless remote that is now compatible with wide range of ADJ products. The app has been designed for use on all iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) and once downloaded allows users to access the settings, control options and features of their lighting effects from a distance of up to 20ft. Essentially, the app is a digital version of the company’s UC IR remote, giving mobile DJs the freedom to control their lighting from behind the booth or on stage.

Originally compatible with the Ricochet, ON-X, H20 IR, H20 DMX IR, Gobo Projector IR and some Inno Pocket fixtures, the Airstream IR app can now also be used with various other ADJ products: the Revo 4 IR, Dual Gem Pulse IR, Galaxian Gem IR, Jellyfish IR, Micro Galaxian II, Micro Gobo II, and Ikon IR. So, mobile DJs can control everything from moonflowers to laser effects to GOBO projectors, all from the palm of their hand.

Taken from the popular REVO series, the Revo 4 IR is an LED moonflower effect that utilises a matrix grid of 256 LEDs, allowing users to produce displays of tight beams in red, green, blue and white, while the new Dual Gem Pulse IR offers two-in-one effects thanks to its dual-lens, RGB beams and intense white strobing.

ADJ has also refreshed the Galaxian Gem IR – a mobile-friendly unit that combines RGBW moonflower effects with a laser-style display of 100 green beams – and the Jellyfish IR, which uses a bright LED source and clear plastic case to offer two-in-one colour effects. Elsewhere in new range of IR fixtures, mobile DJs can also make the most of powerful red/green laser effects (Micro Galaxian II), distinctive laser/GOBO projections (Micro Gobo II) and the extra bright GOBO projection of Ikon IR.

In order to enjoy the full flexibility offered by the Airstream IR control app, users are required to connect the Airstream IR adapter (bundled with all compatible fixtures) to their iOS device. These sensors (also available in packs of four) are remarkably small and lightweight, plugging into the headphone port of the device and allowing the app to transmit commands to the fixture in use.

Depending on which IR-compatible fixture is in operation, users will also find that the app adjusts its interface to match the features of that particular lighting unit, making it easier for DJs to access the features and settings unique to each product.

ADJ plans to continue releasing products compatible with the Airstream IR App, which is free to download now from the App Store:

More information on ADJ’s IR-compatible products can be found on the ADJ website.

Published: 14 December 2015