ADJ Unveils Brand-Defining New Logo
Reflecting the expansion of its products into the areas of event production and houses of worship, lighting company ADJ has unveiled a new corporate logo, a rework of its original brand mark, created back in 2007.

The new logo, pictured above and displayed on the company’s recently updated website, has lost the red and yellow colouring of the original ADJ mark, and been enhanced with a stylish all-silver design, upholding ADJ’s reputation as a modern company that crafts quality products.

“I am very excited to reveal our new corporate logo,” Toby Velazquez, President of ADJ Group of Companies, said of the change. “The first ADJ logo was designed in 2007, and as ADJ products have evolved since then we needed a corporate identity to match. We feel the new silver ADJ logo represents who we are as a company, and where our products are in the entertainment lighting industry.”

The change of logo comes at an important time for the company, as it continues to release new products, not only for DJs but for lighting users across the whole entertainment industry. Using a simple one-color design, the new logo suggest ADJ’s commitment to producing innovative, versatile and affordable lighting for a range of users – from mobile DJs and nightclubs to houses of worship and event production companies.

For more information on ADJ products head over the ADJ website.

Published: 12 January 2016