New 2-In-1 MoonCluster Effect Released by Kam
A combination of Derby-style LED beam effect and cluster laser, Kam has announced the release of its new MoonCluster lighting fixture, providing mobile DJs with a compact centrepiece unit that will bring colourful moonflower effects and tight laser beams to the dance-floor.

The new MoonCluster from Kam is a wide-angle two-in-one lighting effects unit, featuring a 30W quad-colour (RGBW) LED, a 150mW red laser diode and a 50mW green laser diode. This combination of moonflower and laser lets mobile DJs create multi-colour derby beam effects and eye-catching red/green laser cluster patterns, filling the dance-floor with moving beams that are well-suited to a range of parties and events.

Kam has made it easy for users to achieve these displays thanks to the range of built-in programs offered by the MoonCluster. Mobile DJs also have the option to run each feature separately or to combine both for the full-on two-in-one effect, so they can easily start the night off with moving moonflower beams before triggering the laser cluster effect when the party really gets going later on.

In terms of control, users can choose between auto, sound-to-light and DMX modes. For DJs with limited experience of lighting programming, the built-in programs and sound-to-light setting offer an easy way of creating two-in-one displays, and multiple MoonCluster units can be linked in master/slave configuration for a further-reaching lightshow.

Meanwhile, a 12-channel DMX mode gives users extra control and room to get more inventive with the MoonCluster’s dual effects; controlling the RGBW dimming, selecting built-in shows, activating the red/green lasers and triggering pulse/strobe effects. The unit also comes supplied with a remote control, for the simple operation of the effect’s primary features.

Of course, mobile DJs will want to take the new MoonCluster out on the road with them. Kam has ensured that, despite its two-in-one effects, the product is light weight (1.7kg) and compact (198 x 185 x 145mm), making it easy to incorporate one or more into a mobile setup. Other practicalities included an interlock and safety switch on the rear panel, ensuring the potentially harmful laser effects cannot be triggered by accident or activated by a guest.

The Kam MoonCluster is available now at an SSP of £119.00.

Published: 29 January 2016