Laserworld Releases FREE ILDA Laser Software
Leading manufacturer of show laser equipment and software Laserworld has announced the launched of a FREE version of its popular Showeditor software. Available to download now, the free software can be used to create logos and animation for playback on ILDA compatible lasers with SD card slots.

Laserworld Showeditor FREE is ILDA laser show control software that offers all of the features of the Laserworld Showeditor full version except the direct output to a hardware interface. It can be used to create logos, text, animations and aerial effects that can then be exported using the standard *.ild file format. This file format is compatible with all ILDA standard SD card playback systems for show lasers, so the Laserworld Showeditor FREE can be used with SD card equipped lasers from any brand.

Laser show playback systems are useful for many different applications. For example, DJs may not want to directly control their laser with a computer during their set, as they obviously need to concentrate on that. So they often decide to have an automated show playing or control the lasers via DMX, together with the rest of their lighting rig. Using the Laserworld Showeditor FREE software DJs can now programme their lasers with custom logos, text and animated patterns for use within their show.

The Laserworld Showeditor FREE has all the frame and figure drawing tools that come with the full version. So the tracing of logos (from bitmap files for example) is possible as well as the easy creation of running or morphing texts. An abstract generator is also included, as are various tools for the application of colour.

Laser systems with built-in SD card playback from the Laserworld range include the PRO-800RGB and PRO-1600RGB models. The Laserworld Showeditor FREE software creates fully compatible *.ild files for use with these systems, but the files can also be used with most playback laser systems from other manufacturers as well.

Available now, the Laserworld Showeditor FREE can be downloaded at

Published: 23 April 2016