Instant Energy From ADJ’s Crazy Pocket 8
Offering the same impressive multi-beam effects as its predecessor, but from an even more compact unit, the new Crazy Pocket 8 takes portability to the next level, providing high-energy coloured lighting effects without the high price.

A pocket-sized version of the original Crazy 8, the portable new Crazy Pocket 8 lets mobile DJs generate energized displays of quick-sweeping beams, thanks to its dual-tilting bars and high-power source of eight 3W LEDs (two red, two green, two blue and two amber). But the fun doesn’t stop there: ADJ has also equipped the Crazy Pocket 8 with a rotating base (with 540-degree pan) and a capacity for stunning 8-zone LED chases, allowing lightshows to be effortlessly taken to the next level in terms of creativity, movement and scope.

Essentially an ON-X mounted onto a moving head, the fixture features two independently tilting bars (each with four lenses and 205-degree tilt) and a rotating base yolk, letting users craft compelling multi-beam displays of RGBA colour that fill the room with movement and look extra effective when used with haze. Thanks to the concise 4-degree beam angle, ADJ has made sure that these powerful beams are tight and cutting, while the stepper motors ensure precise positioning and quick-sweeping movements for a dynamic and attention-grabbing lightshow. Taking this creativity into exciting new realms, users can also produce energetic 8-zone LED chase effects that run across both of the fixture’s tilting bars to ensure an eye-catching lightshow for clients and their guests!

“Our new Crazy Pocket 8 is a novel concept that sees an ON-X-style unit mounted onto a moving head, but the crazy effects it creates look even more exciting than that sounds!” Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager for ADJ USA, said. “We’ve built the fixture with two independently tilting bars, each fitted with four lenses, and a rotating base yolk, so users can produce stunning RGBA multi-beam displays that really fill the room with colour and movement. The affordability and compactness of the Crazy Pocket 8 are just two of the benefits.”

Due to its low weight (3.6kg) and pocket-sized dimensions (298 x 152 x 260mm) the fixture is easy to mount, even in venues with limited space and low ceilings, while transporting and storing the Crazy Pocket 8 is also hassle-free. It also offers plenty of choices when it comes to control, as well as Sound Active and Show modes (which utilise a range of awesome built-in programs), the Crazy Pocket 8 provides an extensive DMX-controlled mode with 1-, 9-, 17- and 12-channel settings, allowing DJs to unleash their creative side and produce a memorable and distinctive display for their audiences. Alongside these primary control functions, users can also make the most of the separately sold UC IR remote or ADJ’s new iOS Apps - Airstream IR and Airstream DMX Bridge.

A portable and cost-effective way to incorporate high-energy, room-filling beam effects into a mobile lightshow, the forward-thinking Crazy Pocket 8 lets users create pure lighting excitement at a budget-conscious price point. For those wanting to unlock their artistic side – without paying through the nose – there’s no better solution for creating crazy lighting effects than the Crazy Pocket 8!

The Crazy Pocket 8 is available now from ADJ USA and ADJ Europe.

Published: 30 April 2016