Partubes Enter The Lighting Effects Market
Partube Lighting has recently launched a series of products designed to create a new dimension in up-lighting by converting LED PAR cans into eye-catching lighting effects. Offering a unique lay flat design and very realistic pricing, Partubes are available in a choice of heights and in various models designed to fit to a wide-variety of PAR can styles.

A new Birmingham-based company, Partube Lighting has been set up by Rob Sealey who is a seasoned professional mobile DJ with years of experience. Rob has developed the Partube range specifically with the needs of mobile DJs in mind. Not only do Partubes look stunning when they’re in use, but they are easily portable. Each Partube consists of a flat sheet which the user rolls into a tube in just a few seconds. This means that at the end of the night, the tubes can be unrolled back into flat sheets for transport and storage. Alternatively, a number of the sheets can be rolled together, taking up even less space.

Rob also knew that because discos and dancefloors can be unpredictable places, Partubes had to be flexible. Therefore, Partubes are made from a special flexible plastic that doesn’t crack or break like perhaps a more rigid tube might. If the unfortunate happened and somebody fell onto a Partube, it would simply squash, and then just bounce back to its original shape. Partubes are also available in two different heights, with a choice between 1.1m and 0.55m currently available.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of LED up-lighters in use around the world, but there are just a couple of common types: the traditional ‘classic style’ spun aluminium can and the flat-face ‘slim par’. Partubes can be used with both styles of can, with different versions available designed specifically for each type. For the classic LED PAR cans, Partubes simply insert into the front of the light, using friction to hold the tube in place inside the front of the can. For the ‘slim pars’, Partube Lighting offer an adapter plate which is magnetically attached to the front of the PAR fixture into which the Partube is then inserted, again using friction to hold the tube in place.

“As someone who has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, I know that DJs are always on the lookout for something to make their light show look better,” said Partube designer, Rob Sealey. “I came across the idea for Partubes one night when I was at a friend’s disco and there was a white blow-up beach ball being tossed around the crowd on the dancefloor. Eventually it ended up landing on one of the LED up-lighters around the room and suddenly the ball was transformed from nothing into a glowing orb of vivid colour. That got me thinking that there might be other things I could put on top of up-lighters that would also have a similar effect, but would perhaps be a little less likely to be stolen in the first five minutes of the disco! That’s when I came up with the idea for Partubes.”

Partubes are available directly from the Partube Lighting website, with prices starting at just £16.99.

Look out for a full review of the Partube range in Issue 77 (May/June 2016) of Pro Mobile magazine.

Published: 06 May 2016